Recycled Spring

Gestural Abstraction
Acrylic on wood
61 x 61 cm

On the long drives from Vancouver to Los Angeles over the years, I inevitably pass through Oregon.  Early one morning, I tried to take a photo of the landscape while driving by. Bad idea.  The photo turned out blurry but the lines were intriguing. I wanted to see what that would look like with paint.

The paint used for this piece is damaging the environment. Acrylic paint is a petroleum-derived polymer – plastic. By using this paint, we continue our reliance on petroleum. I didn’t know this for many years.  I will continue to use the Acrylic paint in my studio until it is all gone. Putting it to paper, canvas and board is better than throwing it out. After that, Acrylic will never be used in my work again.


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